Fighting Stress Naturally

Are you stressed out? How could you not be? We live in a world with deadlines, kids, work, fitness, social lives, bills, car problems, and more! The bad news is that being stressed ABSOLUTELY affects your body’s ability to lose weight! Beyond that, it causes a slew of health problems, too! How? ¬†Being stressed affects your weight loss efforts in a variety of ways. When you’re stressing out, your body releases cortisol (a stress hormone) and a concoction of other hormones to protect itself. These hormones cause you to have bursts in energy, changes in metabolic rate, blood flow, appetite changes, fatigue, and more! Blood Sugar & Metabolism¬† When you’re anxious, your body may respond by changing your blood sugar levels and/or producing an abundance of cortisol. These two things result in your metabolism slowing down. When your metabolism is slow- you gain weight. Sometimes, despite your eating habits, being stressed can prevent you from losing weight or cause you to gain weight. Overeating: Emotional Eating and Cravings When a person is stressed, they tend to consume more salty, sugary, and fatty foods than their non-stressed peers. Eating junk food not only causes weight gain, but it results in more cravings for junk food. Processed foods have chemicals that cause our brains to release “feel-good” endorphins. In essence, they temporarily make you feel good. This releasing of endorphins, makes it easy to turn to food to combat feeling stressed, and it also makes becoming addicted to these foods a real possibility. It creates a never ending cycle, that’s hard to get out of! Storage of Fat Did you know, people with high anxiety levels tend to hold excess fat in their abdominal region? Not only is having fat on your belly aesthetically frustrating, belly fat is also linked to major health risks! Too Busy and Stressed to Cook Many experts believe that the biggest reason that we’re seeing higher obesity rates than ever before is that most people are too busy and stressed to cook healthy meals, making them choose fast food instead. Too Busy to Work Out On the topic of being too busy, with everything you’ve got on your plate, working-out is probably the last thing on your list of things to-do. We live more sedentary lives than we ever have before. Despite our bodies not being in motion, our minds are constantly running with everything we...

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