Becoming an It Works Distributor

Becoming an It Works Distributor How to Become an It Works! Distributor? I already have a page with the basics on becoming an It Works! distributor, but I wanted to give you more. This is an opportunity that is literally changing peoples’ lives. The most important thing that we can give to possible future team members is: information. So let’s get started. What is It Works!? It Works! is a global company. In 2012, the company made a total of $200 million in sales. By the end of 2013, the company is expected to make half a billion (yes, BILLION) in sales. The company formed in 2001, with the hope of providing quality health and wellness products at competitive rates. It is now 2013, and the company is still debt free, and since its founding, It Works! has won several awards for its achievements. It Works! is a direct sales company. It focuses on a multi-level distributor platform. It emphasizes the aspect of TEAM, so once you become a distributor, you won’t just be thrown to the wolves. You will have someone to guide you through the process. The different levels range from “distributor” to “ambassador.” How much does it cost? The initial start up is $99, and it includes the following: A full box (4 in the box) of It Works! body wraps (the skinny wraps). Global marketing material Blitz promotional handouts, cards, etc. Your own website/store, eSuite free for 30 days. (After your first month, the website is $20 per month)   Starter Kit If you sell the wraps in the box, you will already make your investment back! So then what? In order to be successful you will want to have extra supplies on hand. There are tons of options there. For instance, there is the Booster kit that comes with: 8 boxes of wraps, 3 boxes of facial applicators, a jar of advanced formula fat fighters, defining gel, and greens. The Booster kit costs $499, but if you sell all of the products you make $1100, for a total profit of $601. Once you sign up for something called the 80bv autoship, you can get discounts on products. It probably sounds a bit confusing, but I assure you, it is all very simple and straightforward. If you join my team I will walk you through the process of buying and selling and commissions, and get to making money! How Much Will I Make? This is where things get exciting!...

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