It Works! Loyal Customer

It Works! Loyal Customer After you start to buy It Works! Products, you are going to be hooked! Then comes the question, “How can I save money?” The answer is simple: Become an It Works! Loyal Customer. The It Works! Loyal Customer Program is a way for you to get discounts on the products you love. In fact, loyal customers get the same discount on products that distributors do! When you sign up to become a loyal customer, you are signing up to make a purchase for at least 3 months through an auto-ship program. At anytime during the 3 months you can change the products that you are ordering. Once you have completed your 3 months, you can call to cancel your auto-ship, or you can just keep the auto-ship going, and you will continue to receive your products as scheduled.   Whether or not you cancel your auto-shipping, you will forever be a loyal customer, and receive the loyal customer discount. Here are all of the benefits of becoming a loyal customer: Discounted Prices Save 20-50% off of all your orders! Automated Monthly Shipments You will always have your favorite products on hand with our convenient auto-ship program. Easy Customization Each month you can change your auto-ship order to meet your needs. Maybe one month you order the skinny pack, and next month you want to try the Fat Fighters. Not a problem, you can always change your order to fit your needs. Loyal Customer Pricing Forever! After just 3 consecutive months on the auto-ship service, you will be able to buy It Works products at the Loyal Customer price for life! Continue Auto-ship and Redeem Your Perks Points Loyal customers who choose automatic shipping will receive perks. Here is what the It Works! website says about these perks: With every order you place, you’ll earn Perks Points equal to 10% of the subtotal of your order before taxes and shipping. For example, if the cost of your order before taxes and shipping is $100.00 USD, you’ll earn 10 Perks Points. You can start using your Perks Points anytime after your fourth consecutive auto-shipment. Bonus Points for Being Loyal!In addition to the Perks Points you earn with each order you place, you can also earn bonus Perks Points by simply continuing to place an auto-shipment order each month. After your sixth consecutive auto-shipment, you will receive 50 bonus Perks Points, and after...

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